Design & Innovation – Two Key Elements In Manufacturing

New, creative ideas that might not have been possible to fabricate in the past are now becoming possible thanks to advances in modern technology.

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Sheet Metal


Cutting edge software such as the latest Solidworks 3D software is used by engineers to design and create intricate and detailed digital models.

These models can be tested and revised to ensure that they are viable. Once this process is complete, a prototype can be made for any final tests and adjustments before the full production goes ahead.

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State of the art tube laser cutting has made it possible to create ever more complex and detailed shapes from metal without the need for any finishing work by hand. Now that we have the machinery capable of making such pieces from metal, ever more innovative designs can be brought to life.

While experience in engineering will always be invaluable to design and manufacture, it is also essential to embrace the new technologies in order to take manufacture to the next level.

Advanced Tube Laser Cutter

Are you looking for a sheet metal company that can design any components you require?

So you have your innovative design – now you need to find someone to make it for you!

Whatever stage of the manufacture process you are at, a skilled and knowledgeable design engineer will be able to take your design and help develop your ideas, create models to test and modify, create protoypes and produce your finished product to the highest specification.

Hutchinson Engineering is based in Bristol and can provide you with a dedicated design engineering team who will guide you through the manufacture process. With world class laser cutting facilities and decades of experience in the industry, your design is sure to go from an idea to reality.

Send us your designs! We love to see your ideas.

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