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Vacuum viewport technology is competitive in terms of cost and properties. A variety of coatings are available in order to enhance the performance of it – common materials are Kodial, Quartz, Sapphire and Lead glass.

Different window materials are also available, such as magnesium fluoride, quartz, lead glass or an anti reflex coating.

The transmission, dimensional and optical temperature specifications can be altered and changed upon request so they can meet certain regulations.

Fabricated viewing diameters can be between 16mm and 14Omm that are made from optical quality, the Corning 7056. Glass is sealed into spinnings and then it’s welded into vacuum flanges. For answers to any questions you may have, click here.

Advantages of a range Vacuum Viewports:

  • Zero-Length offers greater distortion-free view area
  • Kovar offers superiors mechanical strength
  • Lead-Glass Viewports available
  • Choice of vacuum seal

The science behind it means vacuum viewports have a strong resistance to damage and are highly durable for a lifetime.

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