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Welcome to the Scientific Instruments website. We can help you source all the very latest products and services to cater for all your commercial, experimental and research needs. India and China are competing hard to capture the biggest possible market share in the scientific instrument market.

China currently has several advantages over India, although India could soon catch up and outpace them in this category.

The scientific instruments market globally offers huge market potential to Indian companies. With steep rise in global population and the continued occurrences of new diseases, governments all over the globe have renewed their focus on the health sector.

The programme is designed to be flexible and cater for teachers with varying levels of ICT skill and confidence.

If you are comfortable using ICT in your teaching Online CPD will provide an ideal environment to try out new approaches; and for the not so confident the more basic lessons will ease you into using ICT in the classroom.

The health ministry in India has taken several initiatives to improve the overall health service and its availability. All this has pushed the demand for scientific instruments to record levels.

Indian companies do have some advantages in the scientific instrument sector including easy access to raw materials. So far the Punjab has been the hub of scientific instrument manufacturing, although other cities are being incentivized to make progress in this sector.

Another advantage that Indian companies have is that they have a better image in the world market, are more investor friendly, and have more relaxed regulations than those imposed by China.

However, the Chinese scientific instrument market is rapidly expanding. China has been criticized in the past for excessive mass production with less focus on product quality, but Chinese companies have continued to make strides in their bid to emerge as market leaders. If you want to know more about Scientific Instruments, please contact us.

Based around 28 core lessons the programme will encourage participants to select their lessons making informed choices based on needs; be critical and think about your classes and teaching situations then reflect on the learning outcomes of the lessons.

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